subject — Idike (Ludwig Revolution)
medium — Manga
creation date — 04 December 2015
You alone have passed through all my thorns and touched the bleeding me. Only you have struggled on this far. You alone have found the real me.
  • fairy tale retelling
  • frozen time
  • I met you in a dream
  • idealization
  • gifted
  • self-defense mechanisms
  • loneliness
  • bride candidates
  • acknowledgement
  • witches
  • connecting through hurt
  • agency

Favourite Pages


  • shrining a minor character
  • making a "small" shrine that is not a one page shrine
  • examining the character's echo across the entire series
  • including an information page
  • Google Fonts

Making of

  • As with In Control, I included a review for the series so as not to mislead visitors, this time at the beginning of the shrine. It was nice to finally get to rant about it.
  • With In Control, I had shrined a character without really focusing on the love triangle that makes up most of the series' appeal, instead describing the series and its protagonist solely from the character's perspective. Here, I took it further: Idike is someone who has passed away, but continues to affect the main character, without really interacting with anyone else. Ludwig Revolution is an episodic search for Ludwig's ideal bride, and because he loved Idike very much, it allowed me to speak about numerous different characters across the series. Comparing the many bride candidates to Idike while analyzing her was very fun, and I think it gives visitors a good feel for the series itself without spoiling much.

    I like that – painting a series from one very special perspective, and speaking about a character's narrative influence. It's something that is reprised and polished in Baton Pass.
  • Inspired by Megan's shrines in particular, I decided to include an information page that extends beyond the subject I'm shrining, which gives a brief overview of two similar fairy tales. It is nice to pick up something new when visiting a shrine after all.
  • I coupled a gallery of my favourite panels of the character with a kind of icon gallery here. This is later repeated on Setting Sun.


This shrine was created because I had only just finished a tremendously big and exhausting project and knew I only had about one or two weeks until I'd have to study for finals for weeks consecutively. I wanted to make something small and relaxing, so I picked an immensely minor character from an obscure series who I had wanted to shrine since forever. I had intended for it to be a one page shrine since the character's story takes up a single chapter only, but... the very concept of one page shrines seems to hate me. I have yet to make one that satisfies me specifically as a one page shrine, and to be quite honest, I'm afraid of ever signing up for one ever again. If I worry excessively about my word count every time I make one, and if my thoughts on a character as minor as Idike can't even be contained on one page, perhaps I'm just unsuited for it.

Still, this shrine is, per my definition, a small tribute. It's straight-forward and contained, yet the ratio of analysis to facts is very satisfying – partly why I love the shrine so much. Ludwig Revolution is, for the most part, an episodic series, and not at all meant to be complex. Since Idike's story is only one chapter long, that means there wasn't much to summarize. It's exactly what I'd label as relaxing, since it means being able to fill that many more pages with my own interpretations – I'd love to do something like this again.