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16 November 2015

songs: valkyrie

Valkyrie — Added “Kindred Spirits” under Paragon. Added Tumblr posts of interest to the Links page. The only bonus page left now is fanfic recommendations.

15 November 2015

songs: valkyrie

Valkyrie — All displayed screencaps have been converted to thumbnails for less loading time. The rest of the pages under Paragon have been uploaded. With that, the shrine is basically considered complete.

12 November 2015

songs: awakening, valkyrie

Awakening — Added an affiliate. Uploaded a character screencap gallery as an add-on in the link list.

Valkyrie — Added the entire Warrior section. Expanded the media section under Memory with “Battle Animations”.

07 November 2015

songs: valkyrie

Valkyrie — Added favicon. Added “Dart” under Comrade, added the entire Woman section. Changed the phrasing on the index page regarding the shrine’s structure to better reflect the thematic coherence and goals of the later sections.

03 November 2015

songs: valkyrie

Valkyrie — Added “The Female Narrative” under Paragon, “Memorable Quotes” under Memory.

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