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30 August 2017

songs: stormwind, awakening, setting sun, sway, in another dream

All shrines around the network have had minor fixes and code updates (nothing plainly visible). Some display issues at Waterbound were found and have been fixed.

Awakening, The Stormwind Gallery, Setting Sun, Sway & In Another Dream — Galleries for all these sites have been updated to fancyBox3 for better interface and zoom functionality. I’ll think some more about what to do with the galleries on image-heavy shrines that rely on captions; fancyBox3 differs from fancyBox2 in that regard and I’m not convinced it’d be better to upgrade.

13 January 2017

songs: waterbound, in another dream

In Another Dream & Waterbound — Both shrines have received new buttons lovingly made by my Secret Santa Camy and Santa’s diligent elf Masao.

30 October 2016

songs: in another dream

In Another Dream — Finished the Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu shrine, which is pretty much my new approach to one page shrines. Amassment plug topic here. The individual page at the network is up too.

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