As you remain in continuous bloom

I have always loved browsing and reading shrines. It's lovely to see how many people out there are invested in fictional subjects in particular, and there's always a lot to see and learn from the many diferent styles around the community – regardless whether a shrine's subject is something I'm passionate about, barely know or even dislike. Below, I'll continuously link to my favourite shrines for quick access when I want to reread them, for inspiration and as recommendations.

I gravitate towards analysis-heavy shrines accompanied by personal interpretations and marked by an individual structure, especially since I enjoy learning about new things and seeing familiar things from a different perspective. As the list below is particularly meant as a source of inspiration for my own projects, that preference is quite apparent – but I adore gorgeous designs, information-oriented and small, contained shrines all the same, and there are many, many more shrines that I love aside from the ones listed here.

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