About the Site

The launch version of oubliette.nu, online since April 2016, came supplemented with numerous “behind the scenes” pages recording my site-making processes. Though I consider them a substantial part of the network, I realized over the years that they do not necessarily have to be featured on the hub itself. After all, their content is, aside from my eyes, only meant for those who seek it out, rather than being necessary to navigate and understand my site(s). In fact, removing the pages in question would prevent navigation confusion. Besides, it would cut down on the content that needs redesigning in the case of layout changes. Thus, many years later, in preparation for an eventual revamp of oubliette.nu, Song Cradle was created and released in July 2022.

I initially considered simply referring to this site as “the repository”, seeing how it is less a site of its own, and more of an offshoot slash extension of the network — but where’s the fun in that? Song Cradle, an inversion of cradle song (a lullaby), is a leftover reference to the network’s former name, The Caged Songbird Network, with its shrines being lovingly thought of as “songs”.


Special thanks to Yuuka for drive-by dumping EB Garamond on me and for being an excellent font and design consultant as usual!

  • Purchase Note

    Adekan is regrettably not currently being published in English. (The now defunct publisher JManga discontinued the series after two volumes.) As of 2022, it is still being published in German by Egmont Manga. You’d be wise to buy it in eBook format; as the series has been running since 2008 and updates are rare, I assume only a low amount of copies are printed with each volume release, making both old and relatively recent volumes quite difficult to procure even on the secondhand market (with the added difficulty of the series’ status as a niche title). You’ll have slightly more luck with the French publication by Ototo, though stock may be on the low side. The series is also available in Italian, published by Magic Press, which I can offer no insight into. The original Japanese publication can be acquired in print and eBook format. Please consider supporting Tsukiji by purchasing her works.