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Below is a complete overview of my websites. Shrines are grouped by shrine type and listed in descending chronological order, newest first. My approach to the different types is explained under the cuts (click on the scissors). Rounded upper corners denote shrines – not subjects – that are personal favourites for one reason or another.

Character Shrines

My character shrines are strongly defined by a keyword or message; their foundation is a self-assigned thematic focal point to which I try to anchor each page within the shrine. There is a clearly-defined narrative within the shrines themselves, as I prefer to approach characters in the order of scenes they are presented in within the original story, rather than summarize them according to the chronological order of events in their life. This allows me to show how one's perception of them changes over time from a storytelling perspective.

So, by the time you reach the conclusion of the shrine – usually consisting of essays – I hope that it will feel like coming back from a long journey: All of the elements that make up the character at the start are still there, but there's a better understanding of them, and perhaps even a fresh perspective to go along with, with every step of the journey being essential to the experience.

Unless stated otherwise, any of these should be accessible even without prior knowledge of the series, as all of them examine the stories they are part of in their own way: from the perspective of the respective character.


Odin Sphere

Haruka Nanase
Baton Pass

Kyoko Honda
Fruits Basket

Ludwig Revolution

The Legend of Dragoon
In Control

Yuyuka Nekota
Daytime Shooting Star

Series Shrines

My series shrines aim to directly introduce others to a new story and to examine that story through its themes. That thematic consolidation, in turn, is directed at new and old audiences alike: as an introduction or as immersion in the subject.

For the time being, this category includes a "world shrine", which is dedicated to a fictional setting. It serves the same purpose as a series shrine due to its scope, but its approach is a better match for the ambitions and structure of the character shrines above.


The Top Secret (pilot)
In Another Dream

Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu
Setting Sun

Dream Saga
Jamais Plus

Le Petit Prince
Strength of Heart

Magic Knight Rayearth
Joker's Wild

Liar Game

Claymore Collective

Stormwind ORG



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