Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is a quick look at the state of things, which is to say, a space for random messages.

Last update: 27 July 2022


I’m currently looking for:

If you’ve got any recommendations, I’d be happy if you contacted me!

Road Map

The overarching aim of my current plans is to establish solid structures for my site-making in the long term. This chiefly means that I want to be able to write shrines and other essays undisturbed, without being annoyed at the state of a framework that does not yet exist or is so outdated that it no longer fits.


    My top priority is laying the foundation for before the collective itself can be launched. The foundation consists of four lodestar projects representative of the collective and the direction I want to take with my site-making and writing. These are:
    1. Refugium: a regular series shrine with a subject specific to the collective (complete!);
    2. a short character shrine heavily interwoven with poetry;
    3. a composite shrine that demonstrates the adaptability and the irreplaceable beauty and freedom of the shrine format;
    4. a personal archive intended to encompass and accompany all of my life.

    My second priority is giving a full revamp. I can’t bear updating its content (shrines, links, anything) in its current state because it’s a framework that no longer fits where I stand. At the moment, I am working on extracting any elements that can be extracted (hence Song Cradle, the repository), and updating pages adjacent to the network. Once I have enough time, I shall take a stab at a new layout. The reason this is not my top priority is that, unfit as it is for new content, I still enjoy looking at the site in its frozen state — whereas if I don’t create the above-mentioned shrines anytime soon, the incessant desire to work on them will make me lose my mind.
  • Unfinished Releases

    There are no plans to resume work on Waterbound. Time is scarce and unfortunately, it’s not a project that I enjoy working on in any regard. I definitely want to continue Sway in a few… years. Right now, there are other texts that cry out to be written.

    There are no plans for new additions to at present.
  • I have a dream

    My long-term goal is getting everything that demands to be written out of my system asap SO I CAN SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE writing NANA and Angel Sanctuary shrines. No joke.