General Maintenance

All shrines have undergone light maintenance:

  • Footer text was adjusted to reflect the new network name.
  • Definitions for “shrine” and manga demographics were added.
  • Links were updated and dead links were removed or replaced.
  • The contrast of select elements was adjusted (notably font colours on Setting Sun and Jamais Plus and the background on Sway).
  • Minor additions were made to link lists.
  • Some larger images were converted.
  • Minor typographical elements were converted (e.g. typewriter apostrophes).

Valkyrie and Waterbound were excluded from thorough link list updates.

in bloom: In Another Dream, Sway, Waterbound, Baton Pass, Setting Sun, Dornenkaefig, Valkyrie, Jamais Plus, Awakening, In Control, Strength of Heart, Jokers Wild, Stormwind

Browsing Optimization

Code has been edited for all of the below to keep things consistent across my shrines. Some functionality was added as follows:

Jamais Plus — All videos now open on-site for a better visitor experience.

Setting Sun, Dornenkaefig — The galleries now utilize a different script.

Joker's Wild, Baton Pass, Sway — Navigating has been facilitated: Smooth scrolling was added to the first, and page leafing links to the other two.

in bloom: Sway, Baton Pass, Setting Sun, Jamais Plus, Jokers Wild

Spotlight for Jamais Plus

Jamais Plus — Jamais Plus won Amassment's Shrine Spotlight in May 2016 and now proudly features the badge.

Valkyrie — Added an affiliate.

in bloom: Valkyrie, Jamais Plus

New Affiliates

Added affiliates to Dornenkaefig, Jamais Plus and In Control.

in bloom: In Control, Jamais Plus, Dornenkaefig

New Shrine: Jamais Plus

Jamais Plus — Finished the Le Petit Prince: The Musical shrine for Amassment's One Page, One Month: ENCORE Marathon!

in bloom: Jamais Plus