Network Hygiene

A bunch of minor updates:

  • Cut content that has been moved to Song Cradle from Removed the projects page as the bulletin board now serves that purpose.
  • Nuked Enthusiast and made a new layout for my Joined Fanlistings page so that I could go on a joining spree. My cute Takeru!!
  • Cleaned up some minor things in the guestbook. Yikes there were quite a few outdated and unsightly elements in there…
  • Added a link to Song Cradle to each shrine.
  • Added a link to Refugium’s link list after poking a Tumblr user about it. x) The purchase note has also been moved to the index.
  • Fixed the text selection colours for Waterbound and Setting Sun because they were unreadable and made my eyes bleed.

That’s it for now. I expect things around the network to be quiet in the coming months, if not for the rest of 2022, as I will be occupied. I’ll be writing on sites in the background though.

in bloom: Refugium, Waterbound, Setting Sun, Miscellaneous, Oubliette

General Maintenance

All shrines have undergone light maintenance:

  • Footer text was adjusted to reflect the new network name.
  • Definitions for “shrine” and manga demographics were added.
  • Links were updated and dead links were removed or replaced.
  • The contrast of select elements was adjusted (notably font colours on Setting Sun and Jamais Plus and the background on Sway).
  • Minor additions were made to link lists.
  • Some larger images were converted.
  • Minor typographical elements were converted (e.g. typewriter apostrophes).

Valkyrie and Waterbound were excluded from thorough link list updates.

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Gallery Upgrades

All shrines around the network have had minor fixes and code updates (nothing plainly visible). Some display issues at Waterbound were found and have been fixed.

Awakening, Stormwind Gallery, Stormwind, Setting Sun, Sway, In Another Dream — Galleries for all these sites have been updated to fancyBox3 for better interface and zoom functionality. I'll think some more about what to do with the galleries on image-heavy shrines that rely on captions; fancyBox3 differs from fancyBox2 in that regard and I'm not convinced it'd be better to upgrade.

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Browsing Optimization

Code has been edited for all of the below to keep things consistent across my shrines. Some functionality was added as follows:

Jamais Plus — All videos now open on-site for a better visitor experience.

Setting Sun, Dornenkaefig — The galleries now utilize a different script.

Joker's Wild, Baton Pass, Sway — Navigating has been facilitated: Smooth scrolling was added to the first, and page leafing links to the other two.

in bloom: Sway, Baton Pass, Setting Sun, Jamais Plus, Jokers Wild

New Shrine: Setting Sun

Setting Sun — Finished the Dream Saga shrine, a tribute I've been wanting to shrine for more than ten years (this is going to be a recurring fact with my projects, isn't it). See Amassment plug topic.

in bloom: Setting Sun