Joined Fanlistings

Joined Fanlistings — Made a new layout for the joined fanlistings page. Cleaned up and merged categories; going on a joining spree now.

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New Shrine: Awakening

Awakening — Finished the Claymore shrine for Amassment's One Page, One Month Marathon and Bad Ass Bitches' Metamorphosis Challenge!

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New Shrine: In Control

In Control — Finished the Yuyuka Nekota shrine for Bad Ass Bitches' Metamorphosis Challenge! See Amassment plug topic.

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Spoiler Warnings

Refined spoiler warning text for Prisoner's Dilemma and Strength of Heart after seeing fellow shrine creators put such care into them in contrast to the blanket warning on my sites. Redid minor things to keep elements consistent across shrines.

in bloom: Strength of Heart, Jokers Wild

Network Revamp and Various Updates — New layout with rewritten and updated content (away with most of the embarrassing things!). now serves as a glorified splash page due to personal attachment to the connection between Sumire and the domain name. New location for updates because LJ/DW is dead territory.

Prisoner's Dilemma — Created subdomain. Added favicon, outgoing links, cleaned up coding, fixed English in some parts, and updated information since the manga is completed by now and a new adaptation has been made. Prisoner's Dilemma also won Amassment's Shrine Spotlight in May 2015 and now proudly features the badge.

Strength of Heart — Implemented favicon and anchors for cross-linking. Added a table of contents and page leafing links for further immersion and ease of navigation. Reorganized the RPG page. Thanks for all the feedback that made these possible!

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