New Shrine: Sway

Network — The individual page for Waterbound has been uploaded. The shrine is currently put on hold as I'm focusing on a different shrine. I need the change of scenery because, as outlined in the newly uploaded page, working on Waterbound was immensely exhausting.

Sway — Released the Gwendolyn shrine for Amassment's Construction Zone Challenge! It's only about 30–40% done, but has a fair bit of content up already. The event is all about releasing shrines in an incomplete state to gradually release content for them as public works in progress. See Amassment plug topic.

Dornenkaefig — Dornenkaefig was featured at The Amazing and now proudly features the badge.

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New Shrine: Waterbound

Waterbound — Released the Haruka Nanase shrine for Amassment's Dynamic Duos Challenge! It's far from finished, but there's an adequate amount of pages up. Make sure to check out its partner shrine as well! See Amassment plug topic.

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Spotlight for Jamais Plus

Jamais Plus — Jamais Plus won Amassment's Shrine Spotlight in May 2016 and now proudly features the badge.

Valkyrie — Added an affiliate.

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Shrine Link List

Network — Up to now, I've only ever worked on one shrine at a time. Still, it felt weird to display strong contenders for upcoming shrines on the Projects page, while leaving out whatever I'm currently working on and referring visitors to the network's listography instead. So I've made a new category to show what I'm currently working on!

Additionally, I've added a link to my button wall of favourite shrines under Links.

Baton Pass — Added a new link.

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In Control: New Content

In Control — Thanks to a visitor's lovely suggestion, there's a new addition on the Trivia page: real life fashion inspired by Daytime Shooting Star!

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