Baton Pass: Complete!

Baton Pass — Added "Encore" under Resonance, as well as "Symbolism" and "Comparative Romance" under Finish Line. With that, the shrine is finally complete!

As mentioned in the last update, I will be doing some housekeeping across all shrines to update old links, to tweak my old coding in accordance with standards, to keep things consistent across all shrines and to include the newly-created guestbook. (See Listography for more details.) For Baton Pass, these goals have now been achieved.

in bloom: Baton Pass

Network Revamp

Network — The completely revamped network has been unveiled! New layout, completely rewritten content across all pages, and a lot more. Word vomiting has always been my style, so a network without much text just isn't me...

New things include this update blog, a guestbook, the redone contact page, a custom 404 page (finally!), optional individual pages for each shrine I've created, and the link page finally listing people I've frequently interacted with around the community!

I've received some link buttons by my lovely friends as housewarming gifts, too!

As a result of the substituted domain and the network revamp, there will be temporarily broken links across my shrines, notably in case of contact and update links. I will be doing some housekeeping around the network soon, so those links will be fixed in due time.

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New Domain:

Network — The new domain,, was purchased on 10 February 2016. It has now been changed to the hosted domain at!

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New Shrine: Baton Pass

Baton Pass — Released the Kyoko Honda shrine for Onigiri Box, a Fruits Basket marathon! This is the first shrine to officially be released under the new domain. A few pages are still missing, but they're not of consequence to the narrative of the shrine. They will be uploaded later. See Amassment plug topic.

Strength of Heart — Added an affiliate.

Valkyrie — Added affiliates.

in bloom: Baton Pass, Valkyrie, Strength of Heart

New Affiliates

Strength of Heart — Added affiliates.

in bloom: Strength of Heart