New Affiliates

Strength of Heart — Added affiliates.

in bloom: Strength of Heart

New Claymore Collective

Stormwind — Launched my Claymore collective! Awakening has been moved there and updated with lovely link buttons by Samantha! The Gallery has been detached and completely revamped, as the half-hearted product from before bothered me with its inconsistencies and incompleteness. It is now a dedicated gallery, not just a side product of my TCG activities.

Things that have changed: All screencaps are new, of consistent quality and size, saved in JPEG format and without black borders. Many previous character galleries have doubled in size. Many new characters have been added.

Strength of Heart — Added a new link.

Valkyrie — Updated with lovely link buttons by Samantha!

in bloom: Valkyrie, Awakening, Strength of Heart, Stormwind

New Shrine: Setting Sun

Setting Sun — Finished the Dream Saga shrine, a tribute I've been wanting to shrine for more than ten years (this is going to be a recurring fact with my projects, isn't it). See Amassment plug topic.

in bloom: Setting Sun

New Affiliates

Added affiliates to Dornenkaefig, Jamais Plus and In Control.

in bloom: In Control, Jamais Plus, Dornenkaefig

New Shrine: Dornenkaefig

Dornenkaefig — Finished the Idike shrine! This feels nostalgic, as one of the few fanlistings I briefly ran ten years ago was dedicated to this character. See Amassment plug topic.

in bloom: Dornenkaefig