New Shrine: Baton Pass

Baton Pass — Released the Kyoko Honda shrine for Onigiri Box, a Fruits Basket marathon! This is the first shrine to officially be released under the new domain. A few pages are still missing, but they're not of consequence to the narrative of the shrine. They will be uploaded later. See Amassment plug topic.

Strength of Heart — Added an affiliate.

Valkyrie — Added affiliates.

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New Claymore Collective

Stormwind — Launched my Claymore collective! Awakening has been moved there and updated with lovely link buttons by Samantha! The Gallery has been detached and completely revamped, as the half-hearted product from before bothered me with its inconsistencies and incompleteness. It is now a dedicated gallery, not just a side product of my TCG activities.

Things that have changed: All screencaps are new, of consistent quality and size, saved in JPEG format and without black borders. Many previous character galleries have doubled in size. Many new characters have been added.

Strength of Heart — Added a new link.

Valkyrie — Updated with lovely link buttons by Samantha!

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Valkyrie: New Content

Valkyrie — Added "Kindred Spirits" under Paragon. Added Tumblr posts of interest to the Links page. The only bonus page left now is fanfic recommendations.

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Valkyrie: Complete!

Valkyrie — All displayed screencaps have been converted to thumbnails for less loading time. The rest of the pages under Paragon have been uploaded. With that, the shrine is basically considered complete.

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New Claymore Gallery and Content for Valkyrie

Awakening — Added an affiliate. Uploaded a character screencap gallery as an add-on in the link list.

Valkyrie — Added the entire Warrior section. Expanded the media section under Memory with "Battle Animations".

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