Network clean-up and Claymore gallery completion

All sites around the network, including all sites associated with Stormwind, have been cleaned up. There's still some work left to do for a few of them, but it's nothing that should affect the visitors' experience.

Stormwind — Screencaps of Clare, Raki, Priscilla and Elena (under Others) have been added to the Gallery. With that, the gallery is finally considered complete. I have also increased the content width on the gallery since the restrictions of the current layout are not at all suited for a gallery. I'm unhappy with it as a whole, but it will stay up until I get around to making a new one.

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Network Revamp

Network — The completely revamped network has been unveiled! New layout, completely rewritten content across all pages, and a lot more. Word vomiting has always been my style, so a network without much text just isn't me...

New things include this update blog, a guestbook, the redone contact page, a custom 404 page (finally!), optional individual pages for each shrine I've created, and the link page finally listing people I've frequently interacted with around the community!

I've received some link buttons by my lovely friends as housewarming gifts, too!

As a result of the substituted domain and the network revamp, there will be temporarily broken links across my shrines, notably in case of contact and update links. I will be doing some housekeeping around the network soon, so those links will be fixed in due time.

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Joined Fanlistings

Joined Fanlistings — Made a new layout for the joined fanlistings page. Cleaned up and merged categories; going on a joining spree now.

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New Outlet: Alent Hymn

Alent Hymn — Set up a Tumblr to ramble about video games.

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